Bi Curious Men

Bi Curious Men are becoming much more common and accepted in the Swingers Lifestyle.  We actually think that there are several things happening here.  First, more bi or bi curious men are feeling comfortable enough to admit their sexual preference or at least the fact that they are bi curious.  Another key factor is that more and more women are letting it be known that they are not only ok with a man who may be bisexual or bi curious, but actually turned on by it.  The amount of internet porn and the ability to search for and watch anything you may have an interest in is another big contributor.  Men who have always identified as straight often times get turned on by things that take them a bit by surprise, and new fantasies begin to… arise.  We are seeing a significant increase in openly bisexual couples, or at least couples where the male is bi curious.  One of the common things we hear is that  the lifestyle has always embraced, and in some ways was created because of bisexual and bi curious women, so shouldn’t the men be allowed to explore their bisexual interests as well?

Bi, Bi curious, or bi-comfortable, or straight?  If you are a bi or bi curious male, or a couple with a bi male, then we strongly encourage you to join Kasidie.  We think Kasidie is the most bi friendly swingers site on the planet and the Bi the Way events and community are absolutely fantastic.  The question we are asking here, is how do you list your sexual preference after you create your Kasidie profile? Whether you are single or attached, there are 4 options.  First even if you are bi or bi curious, or possible just orally bi, many men still choose to list themselves as straight on their profile.  There are lots of reasons for this and it is very common.  Many others are becoming more comfortable and listing themselves as at least bi comfortable.Bi curious men, and bisexual couples, bisexual males, bisexual swingers

Here is a general guidline of what these terms mean, although everyone has their own ideas.

Straight – Pretty simple.  You only, or at least primarily have interest in the opposite sex.  No interest at all of a relationship or intimacy with a member of the same sex.  Still may participate in threesomes but same sex participants rarely or ever touch.

Bisexual – Very open to all sexual experiences and possibly even relationships with members of either sex.  Threesomes can take any form.  Oral, kissing, and more are possible.  Communication of comfort levels, especially among bi men are key.

Bi-Curious – By definition, this means that you are “curious” or aroused by the thought of sexual contact with a member of the same sex.  The curiosity can be a desire for kissing, oral, play with toys, caressing, intercourse, or more.  Many bi swingers leave their profile set to Bi Curious long after they have gone beyond the “curious” stage…

Bi-Comfortable – This option is not available on many sites. To us, Bi comfortable can mean quite a few things.  For some it just means that you are “comfortable” playing with bisexual or bi curious people, but do not have an interest.  A common application may be a straight, or mostly straight male who enjoys DP (double penetration, anal and vaginal with 2 men and 1 woman) or DVP (double vaginal penetration).  Another very common scenario is a straight, or mostly straight woman who is ok with kissing another woman, or is ok with another woman going down on her, but likely won’t return the favor… Sometimes referred to tongue in cheek so to speak, as Bi selfish…

For the most complete swingers Glossary of terms we have ever seen, click here.