About Us

We are real swingers who have been involved with the swingers community since 1998.  We have seen a lot of changes over that time including the wonderful addition of authentic online swingers communities.  We started off like so many other couples do when they first consider swinging, the Mrs. was curious about being with another woman, and the Mr.was very excited by the idea of having his first threesome or menage a trois with 2 sexy girls!

What started off as a fantasy that fueled our love making turned into a very strong desire which led to a 3 year relationship with a very sexy young woman who we had both been friends very good friends and even flirted with previously.  Unfortunately she had to move out of state, which left us both looking for another bisexual woman that we could get to know much better.  We soon found out that our search to find another bi girl was much more difficult thatn we expected.  We honestly had no idea where to start or look.

We tried placing some ads in newspapers and adult personals looking for a single bi girl and didn’t have much luck at all.  We did some internet searches for bi gilrs and bi threesomes and found a few swingers websites advertised.  We had never really considered that we might be swingers!  We talked about it and got pretty turned on by the idea.  We have had some amazing sexual experiences over the years and met some amazing lifelong friends along the way.

We have seen ourselves as well as some of our favorite swinger communities become much more open minded over the years.  In the beginning almost all of the men identified as straight and the vast majority of women as bisexual or bi curious.  That is still true in some parts of the country and on many of the swingers websites we have been members of.  Our favorite lifestyle website has decided to embrace and encourage open mindedness and a non-judgemental approach.  There is a rapidly growing community of bi men and couples who love to play with them, as well as bisexual couples who are enjoying increasingly erotic experiences.