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Join the Bi the way community - Bi swingers parties and bi meet and greetsWe are so excited to announce the creation, and see the growth of a new Bisexual and Bi Curious Swingers community called Bi The Way!  Bi the way is a swingers and social community hosted on which “hosts monthly parties for bi men, women and bi couples in the swingers lifestyle.  The idea for Bi The Way came about from the same people who brought us Girls Uncorked, which is a monthly wine tasting, meet and greet and mixer for attached and single women in Swingers communities around the country.  While Girls uncorked caters mainly to women (many of who are bisexual), there were very few, if any similar events for bi men, and or bi couples.

Bi the way, says that they are primarily wanting to provide an opportunity for bisexual, or bi curious guys, and to those singles and couples who enjoy meeting them.  One of the most interesting things that these bi friendly parties have shown is that there are a lot of bi and even straight women who LOVE getting to know and spending time with bisexual men!  Very similar to Girls Uncorked, the Bi The Way host is looking for bi men or couples with a bi male to be event hosts in cities across the country.  Event hosts have such a great opportunity to meet new people, host some great parties, and even get some financial incentives and party gifts along the way.  As an added bonus, many of these event hosts will end up satisfying some fantasies and bi curiosities along the way!

If you have an interest in joining Bi the Way and or becoming an Event host in your area, you just need to take a moment to create a free profile on Kasidie.  You will probably want to upgrade to a full membership at some point, but you do not need a credit card to get started and join the Bi the Way community.  Once you have created your profile, you will get an email from us.  Just let us know that you are interested in hosting a Bi the way, or Girls Uncorked chapter in your area and we can discuss the benefits and potential financial rewards!  You can also email us directly at

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Bi Swingers

Bi Swingers - Meet real bisexual swingersWelcome to Bi Swingers!  We are creating this Bi Swingers site for all of the bi curious women, bi men and bisexual couples who are involved or interested in the Bi Swingers lifestyle.  Bi and bi curious women have always been a big part of the swinging community and seem to have been accepted and encouraged from the beginning, but it has only been recently that bisexual or bi curious men and bi couples have started to be accepted and even embraced in some of the more progressive swingers groups.

Honestly, if you are a single bi girl or an attractive couple with a bi or bi curious woman, you are going to be very well recieved in almost any swingers environment.  The majority of swingers worldwide are interested in playing with bi women and couples with a bi female.  The most important thing is to find the right lifestyle community for you that is active in your area and has an age group and overall demographic or attractiveness level that matches yours.Bi Girls, Bi women, Bisexual swingers kissing, bi girls kissing!

If you are a bisexual or orally bi curious male, or a couple with a bi man, then you have to be much more careful in the swingers community that you decide to join.  The purpose of this bi swingers site is to give you honest, unbiased, non-judgemental information to help you find the best websites, swingers clubs, swingers parties, and swingers communities for bi swingers!

If you are an attractive bi male or a couple with a bi male, we strongly recommend Kasidie.  They have started a semi private community called Bi The Way which caters to bi men, women and couples and the membership is growing very rapidly.  Bi the way hosts meet and greet type gatherings where you can meet other bi friendly couples and singles in a relaxed no pressure environment!  If you are bi or bi curious you will love the people, the parties, and especially the open minded attitudes on kasidie!  Click here to start with a FREE elite and discreet profile and meet other like minded people and find out about the next bi swingers party near you.

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